Journalism & Ghostwriting

Below are representative journalism articles, op/eds, blogs and other thought-leadership that I published under my own byline, or ghostwrote on behalf of senior executives, which ran in leading mainstream business or industry-related news outlets.

5 Ways Virtual Care Will Improve Healthcare Delivery in 2020 | California Broker Magazine

As the state legislature-mandated Council on Health Care Delivery Systems continues to explore the best way to structure, implement and pay for universal access to healthcare for all California residents, California brokers, plan sponsors and benefits administrators will no doubt see an expanding role for virtual care. It is one aspect of healthcare delivery that brokers and others will increasingly rely on and will likely be a crucial element of whatever recommendations are made.

Proposed “Journalism Competition And Preservation Act” Deserves Our Support

A decade ago, print, digital, television, and radio news outlets employed approximately 114,000 journalists. That number fell below 86,000 last year, a drop of more than 25%, according to the nonpartisan Pew Center for Research. Newspaper advertising revenues in 2018, which combined with circulation revenues determine newspapers’ ability to make a profit, fell 13% in just 12 months to $14.3 billion.

A Million Little Lawsuits?

Will the legal battles sparked by the fabrications in James Frey's A Million Little Pieces—at least 16 lawsuits have been filed against the author and his publisher, Doubleday—have a chilling effect on the publication of memoirs and other nonfiction? Other publishers are understandably concerned about finding themselves in court answering such complaints. But they should keep in mind that, with some exceptions, legal precedent is on their side.
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