Healthcare & Life Sciences Experience

I have been writing on health-related issues for more than 15 years--often working directly or in a freelance capacity for health organizations like Teladoc Health, HealthQuest, or The Hope Heart Institute. Most of the content I've developed, however, was designed to educate and influence decision-makers at healthcare entities or life sciences companies like Pfizer, Novartis, Medtronic and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center on behalf of law firms or marketing communications agencies.  Either way, I find healthcare issues and the evolution of health technology fascinating and embrace opportunities to tell health-related stories.

5 Ways Virtual Care Will Improve Healthcare Delivery in 2020 | California Broker Magazine

As the state legislature-mandated Council on Health Care Delivery Systems continues to explore the best way to structure, implement and pay for universal access to healthcare for all California residents, California brokers, plan sponsors and benefits administrators will no doubt see an expanding role for virtual care. It is one aspect of healthcare delivery that brokers and others will increasingly rely on and will likely be a crucial element of whatever recommendations are made.