Energy & the Environment

Climate change is the number one issue confronting humanity today. The rise of authoritarian regimes, the increase in racism, anti-Semitism, white nationalism and sexual violence against women and children, the importance of literature and the arts, equal access and opportunities for education and jobs, and tech giants run amok are all crucial challenges we face. But unless we can limit the damage already caused by climate change, identify and implement practical ways to reduce carbon emissions to prevent further warming of the earth, and ensure that people, animals, crops and other living things have access to potable water sources and breathable air, none of the rest will matter. This is my perspective and value structure.  

Over the years, I've been hired to create op/eds, ghostwrite articles and blogs, write and produce videos and other thought-leadership related to energy and environmental issues by a wide range of organizations and clients. The works below reflect the viewpoints and expertise of those who hired me.

Between Risk & Reward: Navigating the U.S. Energy Landscape - YouTube

Wrote and produced this award-winning video showcasing Pillsbury's long history of advising on cutting edge energy and environmental solutions by highlight some of our clients' latest innovations in alternative energy. By focusing on our clients' successes rather than our own, we demonstrated our commitment to helping our clients grow their business and that we were not just their law firm but partners in their success.

Managing a Crisis and Your Company's Reputation

After law firm Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman was retained to defend one of the companies involved in the 2010 BP-Deepwater Horizon accident and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I helped the firm to formally launch a Crisis Management Practice working in conjunction with crisis communications agency Levick Strategic Communications. Pillsbury had been advising on crisis issues as far back as the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and on industry-transforming crises like the 1979 Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident, but it never created a multidisciplinary crisis management team before. I not only brought Pillsbury and Levick together to jointly advise clients but worked directly with our attorneys to educate clients and potential clients about the challenges of reputation management when a crisis such as an environmental accident, data security breach, natural disaster or an EPA, SEC, DOJ or IRS investigation occurs. In this video, Pillsbury Environmental Partner and former NOIA director Tom Campbell talks about what companies need to do when faced with a crisis on Levick's Bulletproof Blog.